Our approach to creating programmes that deliver oustanding results for your people uses a three stage process to make sure that your programme delivers the changes that you need to succeed.

ALDE approach

Everything starts with knowing exactly where we are starting from. The Assessment process will clarify, pinpoint and analyse what’s working and what is not, and the specific changes you need to achieve to move your people and business forward.

Next comes the Learning and Development stage where, while keeping in  constant communication with you,  we design, deliver and evaluate tailored learning programmes developed to help your employees to build up the new skills and behaviours they, and you, need.

Finally the Embedding stage where the newly learned skills and changes are re-enforced and monitored inside your business to ensure that the changes are delivering the results that you need. Within each stage we tailor the package to your specific needs and your organisation, and draw from the best and most relevant products on the market.


In a traditional training context this is often referred to as a training needs analysis, but we go much deeper using a wide range of different tools. You can choose what’s best for your situation, for example staff engagement surveys, or the Primary Colours® Toolkit, MBTI psychometric profiling and other diagnostics to build a clear picture of the current position, where the issues are and the specific changes that are needed. These assessments can also form the basis of the HR metrics that we and you will use to monitor the results of your programme.

Learning and Development

To change the way that people operate within an organisation, it is essential that they not only learn new skills, but have the opportunity to develop and practice these skills in an appropriate context. So while there are many excellent resources avaiable in books and online, we combine these with practical learning opportunities in application sessions to develop people’s skills in pragmatic ways. For example, we are accredited to use the most successful products on the market to develop your current and future leaders including John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership and the Primary Colours® model of leadership. We have also developed a range of specific modules that address many of the most common issues faced by organisations. Other models that we use include Situational Leadership (Blanchard and Johnson), MBTI, The Cultural Web, Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider), SWOT, PESTLE, Six Sigma DMAIC and Phases 1 to 6 of the Adizes’ Leadership Methodology. Your choice is almost endless so together we will help you to sort thorugh and choose the most appropriate for your needs.


This is the most crucial stage of the change process, where we make sure that your investment in the Assessment and Learning and Development stages deliver the required results and  benefits (ROI) for your organisation. During the Learning and Development stage participants will have created their own personal action plans to implement during the Embedding stage. In addition we will typically use a combination of line manager assessments, peer evaluations, practical projects, focus groups and review events to make sure that the results are fully embedded into your business.