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NHS Team Working Leadership Skills Guide

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Every successful NHS Trust, Department, Ward, Clinic or Unit needs effective teams, from the top team or senior management team to the front line clinical team. How many different teams operate in the NHS? How many teams are you a member of or responsible for? More importantly, how effective are they?

If they are performing fantastically well, then you don’t need to read this Leadership Guide right now. There must be something else you could be doing that would be more useful!

But if just one of your management or clinical teams is not doing so well, or you think they could significantly improve the care they deliver, or should be getting better outcomes, then read and decide for yourself what it’s already costing you, costing patients and their relatives, and how we can help.

We all know that some teams work exceptionally well together, and some simply don’t. The truth is that every team could improve.

  • Poor teams could perform better
  • Good teams could become great
  • Great teams could become fantastic.

So what stops them? And what can you do about it?


Download your free copy of the Leadership Skills Guide to NHS Team Working  to see 5 things you can do right now to help your teams to work better.