Leadership Team Impact Report

Primary Colours Toolkit LogoLeadership is a team game, and no one person in an organisation should feel that the challenge and responsibility of leadership is theirs and theirs alone. Great leadership is achieved and sustained through strong leadership teams, clearly aligned, with complementary skill sets and effective team working.

Now you can easily and cost effectively measure the impact of your leadership team using the Leadership Team Impact Report (LTIR). Based on the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership, the LTIR is a feedback tool that provides clear, comprehensive feedback on the impact that a leadership team is having on the people who are best positioned to judge. The LTIR will provide the leadership team with feedback on their performance as a team, by capturing information on perceptions of their capabilities in eight domains of the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership:

  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Planning and Organising
  • Creating Alignment
  • Building and Sustaining Relationships
  • Team Working
  • Delivering Results
  • Leading
  • Coping with Pressure

There are 17 aspects evaluated on the 8 main domains to give a picture of the team’s overall performance. The report is based on a confidential survey of the leadership team and their direct reports.

The value of this unique report is that by providing feedback on the impact of the leadership team as a whole, it allows the team to gain a better understanding of the areas of strength and weakness in each domain, the impact the team’s overall leadership has upon others, and areas they need to address. It enables a team approach to tackling their leadership challenges.

The LTIR can be used as a stand-alone feedback tool, or as part of a leadership development strategy, and costs only £1997.00 plus VAT. Interested? Contact us now on +44 (0) 7 989 951 194 to find out more about the LTIR.

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