Primary Colours Toolkit

Primary Colours Toolkit LogoThe Leadership Business offers the full range of tools in the Primary Colours® Toolkit, giving you an excellent range of smarter assessment tools for selecting and developing your leaders. Based on the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership, this comprehensive toolkit is designed to support a robust approach to assessing and developing leadership impact and leadership capability.

The Primary Colours Toolkit includes:

  • Primary Colours® NEO Leadership Report
  • Primary Colours® 360
  • Primary Colours® Engaging Manager 180
  • Primary Colours® Candidate Insight
  • Primary Colours® Leadership Team Impact Report
  • Primary Colours® Employee Engagement Surveys

Recent research* confirms that effective leadership involves a combination of personality traits and behaviour, and that traits shape behaviour.  Leader traits and behaviour affect employee engagement and performance through a causal chain.

By measuring traits, behaviour and employee engagement together, the combined toolkit provides a comprehensive assessment of the way in which leaders are impacting on those they lead and their performance.

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*Derue, Nahrgang, Wellman and Humphrey, Trait and Behavioral Theories of Leadership, Personnel Psychology, 2011