Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial. Whatever your business or purpose, knowing how well you manage your staff, how well you communicate throughout your organisation, and how well you look after the ‘psychological contract’ will have a big influence on the engagement of your people and ultimately the performance of your organisation. We use employee engagement surveys based on the Primary Colours® House of Engagement Model.

House of Engagement

The House of Engagement model is derived from data and research that has been carried out over many years. This psychologically based model illustrates the relationship between a range of factors that affect attitudes and behaviour. When defining research strategy, designing questionnaires, analysing data and preparing reports we have the model in mind. The evidence is that:

  • Engaged employees are usually more productive, more supportive of change and innovation, and more motivated to take care of customers/clients
  • Employee engagement is greatly influenced by how well people are led and managed
  • To be effective, the tasks leaders and managers need to perform in order to create engagement must be described in a clear, simple, memorable model
  • Leaders’ personalities influence their ability to perform those tasks
  • Because leaders’ personalities differ, leadership is best developed in teams

The pursuit of better organisational performance has never been more pressing than it is now. More than ever, organisations need every member of the team to give their all, and the key to that is a fully engaged workforce. Building and sustaining employee engagement requires a consistent and systematic approach to leadership and management at all levels. It isn’t just one special initiative or ‘silver bullet’, it needs to be something managers understand, believe in and do – all day, every day.

Our highly focussed Primary Colours® employee engagement survey will allow you to identify the key drivers of employee engagement in your organisation, and focus follow-up actions where they will have the greatest impact. If you would like to better understand the engagement levels of your workforce contact us to arrange your Primary Colours® employee engagement survey. You can also speak to one of the team on 0800 840 4122.