Reflective Practice

There is now a clear requirement for doctors to reflect meaningfully and regularly on their performance and standards of practice. However, finding time to reflect amidst the increasing pressures and conflicting demands of modern clinical life can be extremely challenging. We offer a masterclass and a workbook to help doctors make the most of their time spent reflecting.

Reflective Practice Masterclass

This two-hour Reflective Practice Masterclass will help you to gain insight into your professional performance. Taking the time to build skills in reflective practice will enable your doctors and their teams to plan what they should stop doing, start doing, continue doing or change to improve.

Reflective Practice Workbook

Reflective-Practice-Workbook-shadow-200x284This workbook gives proven methods to quickly become more reflective in clinical practice. It explains what reflective practice is, how to do it quickly and effectively, why all healthcare professionals should reflect and how reflection leads to greater insight. It gives clear, structured templates to follow which will enhance the capability to reflect.

Available for only £9.99 plus shipping