Making leaders wise

How wise are the leaders in your Trust or service? Like most organisations you probably have a normal distribution. New leaders are just starting out or recently promoted and showing great potential which is yet to be realised. Others are ‘old hands’ who have extensive experience and great wisdom. What great human capital they represent.

There are many ways to invest in human capital and distribute that wisdom and experience to benefit both your people and your Trust or service. One way is to allocate line management responsibility based on wisdom and experience. That sometimes causes operational complexities, so other ways to share that wisdom include job shadowing, job rotation, project working and operating a mentoring scheme.

Accelerate the process through Reflective Practice

An excellent way to accelerate the development of wisdom and experience in leaders is to skill them in Reflective Practice.

reflection cycle diagramReflective practice, when done correctly will give them insight, and insight will lead to learning. Learning when applied will enable your leaders to change and improve their practice and performance. Further reflection on that improved performance will give them more insight, which will lead to more learning, and so on.

The whole process becomes a cyclical loop where one stage leads to the next, and the whole feeds upon itself as a continuous improvement cycle.

So being able to reflect effectively on what they do will enable your leaders to gain insight, identify learning which they can then apply to improve leadership performance in your business/service/organisation.


What do you do next?

Well that’s really up to you. We offer a short reflective practice masterclass to build the skills in reflective practice that will enable your leaders to plan what you should stop, start, change or continue doing to improve. If you would like us to help explore the development needs of your Trust or service, then why not arrange a free diagnostic session.

However if you would prefer to talk confidentially to someone with the experience and expertise to help you to improve team performance in your Trust, please get in touch now. We look forward to hearing from you and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.