Clinical Leader Development Programme


This exciting Clinical Leader Development Programme is suitable for all doctors, NHS staff or Private Health Care Sector staff who are responsible for the care delivered by a clinical team or the performance of a Health Care management team. It is also suitable for whole discrete teams or departments, specific parts of teams or sub-teams, problem teams, individuals from a variety of mixed teams, or groups of team leaders, at any level in Health Care. The Programme is full of short, interactive sessions that cover the essentials of team development processes, group dynamics, collaborative and partnership working, creating synergy, negotiating and problem solving.  The carefully designed, practical small group exercises will give participants a deeper understanding of how to apply the theory, and will help them to consolidate their learning and put it into practice immediately back at work. Team leaders and team members will build their expertise and confidence in their ability to lead or be part of an effective team.

Participants will learn the difference between collaborative and partnership working, and the key skills to lead and how to be a fully engaged member of an effective team. They will understand:

  • How to manage and lead the developmental stages of small groupsdoctor_medium_image
  • The basics of group dynamics and their impact on performance
  • How to create collaboration
  • How to work in partnership
  • How to create and maintain synergy
  • How to solve tangible problems
  • How to handle problems of conflicting values
  • How to negotiate workable compromises
  • How to inspire confidence and motivate your team
  • How to get the best out of the individuals in your team

The course will introduce them to a range of models and theories relevant to Health Care. They will learn how teams work, what to look for and notice, what to focus on in the teams they work with, how to respond to the different issues and so how to improve the effectiveness of those teams. After completing the Programme they will know WHAT to do in different situations, and also practice HOW to do it effectively, and most importantly, understand WHY it works.

This programme will provide your team leaders and team members with short, interactive sessions and practical exercises that cover key leadership and team work essentials such as:

  • How leadership and management communication skills differ
  • How to create a positive culture
  • A deeper understanding of group dynamics and their impact on engagement
  • How to build collaborative and partnership working cross-sector
  • Successful methods of commissioning and negotiating with others
  • Leadership and management problem solving techniques
  • The skills to lead teams effectively
  • How to use group dynamics and synergy to create high performance teams
  • The skills to solve problems and negotiate workable compromises
  • Reflective templates for you to complete during and after the programme
  • An action plan to apply your new team development knowledge, skills and understanding back at work with confidence.

This carefully designed, bespoke programme will give participants a deeper understanding of how to analyse, compare, use and apply different theories, models and strategies in the real world to make a difference. Reflective templates, written feedback, action plans and practical project work will help them to consolidate their learning and quickly put it into practice to create better quality care back at work.

Location and Dates

This course is offered as an in-house programme only and no dates are scheduled for public courses at the moment.

Due to its interactive nature, we recommend limiting the group size of this programme. To find out more or to discuss in confidence what you specifically need, please call Jude on +44 (0) 800 840 4122 or contact us here