Facilitating Active Learning

This is a practical 1 day course covering the theory and skills necessary to move trainers from delivering training to facilitating active learning in others. It covers the essential skills Educational and Clinical Supervisors need to enhance learning outcomes in one to one and group sessions, and improve learner’s engagement in teaching sessions.

Who is this for?

This course is aimed directly at the needs of Clinical and Educational Supervisors and Trainers who would like to deliver better teaching sessions and engage learners more in the learning process.

You will learn how to:

  • Enhance your teaching skills in a group and one to one context.
  • Improve your delivery and get some ideas to add sparkle to your session.
  • Discover more effective ways to teach and increase learning in others.
  • Structure your teaching sessions to enhance and reinforce learning.

Objectives: By the end of the training you will be better able to:-

  1. Differentiate between the teaching roles of Educational and Clinical Supervisors.
  2. Identify opportunities to facilitate learning in others.
  3. Use adult learning design to structure your planned and ad hoc sessions.
  4. Use learning style theory to add sparkle to your sessions.
  5. Identify learning outputs and outcomes and adapt your teaching sessions to enhance learning in others.
  6. Identify ways to help trainees who are struggling or in difficulty.

Evaluation Feedback 2015 – 2 examples quoted with permission.

Q1. What did you learn? To test thinking when teaching. Ask “What do you think/feel…” How to know when learning has taken place and at what level – quantity v quality.

Q4. How would you sum up this event? Excellent: Right balance of theory and practice.

Louise Woolway, Consultant,  Public Health.

Q1. What did you learn? Say less and discuss more, to make it personal, to maximise learning. In small groups use flip chart not powerpoint. Four areas of learning: plan learning experience.

Q4. How would you sum up this event? Very informative and stimulating.

A Ward, Consultant T&O Surgeon.