Strategic Leadership

Leadership training that works

Would you like to improve your Strategic Business performance?

This “Strategic Leadership” programme will increase your company’s business performance.  We help you to achieve this by challenging AND supporting your key people to review how well they are achieving your key strategic business objectives.  We will work with your top team to identify your specific business challenges, and help them to focus on enhancing business productivity and achieving quality outcomes.  This means that each event is designed specifically for your business and expertly facilitated to achieve the following KPIs for your business:

  • To provide the opportunity for your senior team(s) to take stock and evaluate how well they work together, and how well they understand each other so that they can find ways to improve how well they achieve your business strategy.
  • To examine what it means to be part of a great and enduring company so that they can set inspirational standards and find more ways to consistently deliver outstanding long term results.
  • To develop positive relationships between the senior team that create opportunities to more fully understand each other’s interests and priorities, so that they can achieve even greater business success.
  • To identify how individuals can enhance their contribution to the overall business success in support of the company and its strategic objectives.

Example Agenda   

09:00         Arrive & Coffee

09.30         Introduction: Aligning Expectations

10:00         Exercises:  Personal Vision and Values

11.00         Delivering the Business Strategy (I)

11.45         What Defines an Effective Top Team

12:30         Living the Values

13.00         Lunch

13:45         Leadership Exercise: Delivering Results (I)

14:00         Leadership Exercise: Combining Results (II)

15:30         How the senior team is perceived in the business

16:00         Delivering the Business Strategy (II)

  Personal commitment to taking things forward

16:30         Close


Thank you very much for the help and support that you gave the group during the away day last week. Before going on the course I must admit that I had some reservations. Having been away I am convinced it was the right thing to do and only wish that I had done so before.

R. A. Head of Operations, The British Library.

Why choose to work with us?

Established in 1987, The Leadership Business Ltd. is an experienced, customer-focused training provider delivering leadership, management development and team development programmes across the UK and Europe.

We are proud of our outstandingly successful track record and detailed focus on you, our customers, providing excellent service which develops into long lasting and sustainable business partnership relationships.

What will you get?

Each learning experience is designed to be ‘fun’ and not a threat to personal credibility, and so people are generally more prepared to ‘be themselves’ and say what they really feel and openly discuss their day to day challenges.  The key to success then lies in the outstanding ability of our experienced facilitators to draw the parallels between experiences and discussions on the programme and help to translate this into real improvements back at work.

Throughout the programme, time will be set aside for exploring specific work related issues and where necessary the itinerary will be changed as the course progresses to accommodate those discussions and to find enduring solutions to resolve them.

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