Leadership Skills Development Programme


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The Leadership Skills Development Programme is guaranteed to produce better leadership for your organisation. It has been built up over a period of time, bringing together specific elements proven to address the challenges faced by a wide range of businesses. The programme is a highly effective process, producing tangible results that will make a difference you can see, and results you can measure, in your organisation.

Challenges of Growth

As organisations grow, people at all levels need to adapt and change the way they work together. Senior leaders can often feel that they bear the brunt of change, handling the constant demands of a growing business. Their time, which they need to lead the business to the next stage of development, is consumed in dealing with crises, resolving conflicts and taking control of the detail of problems that could be better handled lower down in the organisation. Their highly pressured days are filled with seemingly endless internal meetings, leaving almost no time to drive the business forwards.

The challenges are to:

  • Create greater self sufficiency in the teams working throughout the organisation.
  • Find ways for teams and their leaders to take ownership of problems.
  • Build teams that understand the senior leader’s objectives and growth strategy.
  • Work with teams that know what they can deal with and what they can’t.

In other words how to develop better leadership throughout your business.

Leadership for Growth

Better leadership means people understand the growth strategy of the business. They understand the significance of the vision for the organisation, and use it to improve their business focus. Better leadership means improving the quality of communication between the teams and also within them. Improved communication will open up new opportunities for innovation across the business.

The Leadership Skills Development Programme is centred on an intensive workshop for key leaders in your business, concentrated on building up their leadership skills, working together in highly practical ways. This will provide the catalyst to trigger the deep changes needed throughout the business to tackle the issues above. This highly focussed workshop is part of an extended and integrated programme that has been developed to guarantee delivering the results that will help your business to grow.

So please click here to request a programme overview that explains the main elements of the Leadership Skills Development Programme in more detail.