Our work in the National Health Service includes designing and delivering a number of successful courses, including

‘Strategic Leadership for DMEs and Heads of Schools’ (CPD points applied for)

Aim: To develop their strategic approach to leadership training within the Deanery and co-ordinate learning across all grades of trainees.
Outcomes: On this one day programme Directors of Medical Education and Heads of Schools are able to explore and clarify their complementary educational roles as leaders.  They start to distinguish between their strategic and operational roles, resolving conflicts of interests and clarifying their individual responsibilities.  From this they are able to develop a more co-ordinated and integrated approach to clinical leadership in their education and training roles.

Here is some more feedback about our courses, again quoted with permission:

“Valuable insights into roles and working relationships.” 
Debesh Mukherjee, Deputy DME, Consultant Physician/Geriatrician, GWH

“Good fun, good training, experiential learning ‘fleshed out’ the theory.” 
Michael O’Connor, Associate Dean, Severn Deanery

“Good, insightful, useful, enjoyable.” 
Deepak Gupta, DME Surgery GWH Swindon


‘Leadership for Educational Supervisors’ (this course attracts 6 CPD points)

Aim: To develop the knowledge and understanding of leadership required of Educational and Clinical Supervisors so that they are able to engage in more focused, constructive discussions with trainees about their clinical leadership performance and development.
Outcomes: This one day course will support doctors and dentists in these crucial Supervisory roles to make a significant difference to the front line of clinical training. They will explore and define what good leadership looks like in a clinical setting based upon their own experiences and an understanding of Action Centred Leadership and the NHS Leadership Framework. They will be able to describe more clearly the qualities that good clinical leadership requires of trainees. They will practise giving skillful, constructive and timely feedback to help trainees gain insight into the sensitive, sometimes difficult areas they will need to address to improve their leadership. The course helps to make dry leadership theory more concrete, practical and applicable in a clinical setting, and the language and focus of Action Centred Leadership provides the basis for a more consistent approach and deeper understanding of leadership. This course has been awarded 6 CPD Points by the RCP and participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance acknowledging their CPD in Leadership.
Adair Accredited ACL Trainer 2014
Here is some feedback from Educational Supervisors about our courses:
“A useful introduction to the MLCF which can be incorporated into trainee supervision and one’s own practice.” Marie Wheeler, Consultant Paediatrician, Severn Deanery
“Excellent.  It has helped both in my personal development and development of others.  Concrete constructive ideas for approaching trainees who may not have appropriate personal skills.” Judith Stedeford, Consultant Anaesthetist, Severn Deanery
“Extremely informative and engaging. Time flies! Excellent process in which to learn about self.” Dr Edwards, Consultant Radiologist, Public Health Wales

“Invaluable. A day well spent.” M. Anderton, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Ysbyty Gwynedd.


‘Practical Leadership Skills for Registrars’  

aimed at Higher Specialist Trainees.  This course can also be adapted to meet the needs of SAS Doctors.

Aim: To develop a basic understanding of leadership based on Action Centred Leadership and linked to the NHS Leadership Framework.
Outcomes: Leading clinical teams is one of the lynch pins of successful NHS service delivery.  This one day course develops the leadership skills of training grade and SAS doctors and dentists who have team leadership responsibility, with the primary objective of improving patient care and outcomes through better team leadership.  This practical course is based on the work of John Adair and his excellent ideas on Action Centred Leadership and links into the NHS Leadership Framework.  John is Professor of Leadership at Surrey University, and Consultant in Leadership to the United Nations, and has written many books on leadership.  This course is accredited by Adair International and participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance acknowledging their training in clinical team leadership.

John Adair 


“Verbal, glowing reports coming in from delegates.” J.W., Postgraduate Centre Manager.

“A fun and thought provoking event which really helps to build confidence in team leadership.”  Annabel Teague, SpR Orthodontics, BCUHB NHS Trust.
“Very useful and a must before stepping into consultancy role.” Sami Khan, ST6 in Paediatrics, Wrexham Maelor Hospital.
“Interesting, thought provoking, hands on experience.”   Neema Thimmaiah, Staff Grade Psychiatry, Betsi Cadwaldr Hospital.


 Team Leadership Skills for Registrars (New for 2013)

Aim: To develop trainees leadership skills quickly, so that they are able to drive better patient care, better clinical outcomes, service improvements and efficiency savings.

Outcomes: This two day course will provide your trainee doctors with a thorough grounding in the relevant parts of the NHS Leadership Framework and the skills to be an effective clinical leader – what to do; how to do it; why it works. They will also develop their awareness of team working: how to create an effective team; how to improve team service delivery; how team cultures work. They will then learn how to apply Action Centred Leadership in a clinical team context: what to notice; how to respond; how to improve effectiveness. All of this will enable them to drive high quality patient care, deliver better clinical outcomes through the care team. We’ll use Reflective Templates, Action Plans and Evaluation Forms to provide you with an Evaluation Report giving evidence of reaction, added value, learning and application in a clinical setting.

Adair Accredited ACL Trainer 2014


‘Operational Leadership for Consultants’ (NEW for 2013)

Aim: To explore the NHS Leadership Competency Framework and how it applies, in the context of Operational and Team Action Centred Leadership, to doctors and dentists going about their everyday clinical and leadership responsibilities.

Outcomes:  This two or three day course has a structure which directly follows the NHS Leadership Framework and covers each competency in some detail. as well as the GMC publication ‘Management and Leadership for all Doctors’ (GMC 2012). The activities which support learning are many and varied, and supported by individual reflection, pairs discussion and whole group learning reviews. The focus will be on how doctors can demonstrate their ability to set direction, deliver and improve services, work in teams, develop the personal qualities that their complex roles require. Alongside this framework, we will explore Action Centred Leadership and it’s application to the Consultant’s front line roles in Team Leadership and Operational Leadership.
Adair Accredited ACL Trainer 2014


We also offer courses for Educational Supervisors, and Appraiser Training, through our association with Edgecumbe Health.

For all of our courses we provide Certificates of Attendance, and Reflective Templates to support ongoing learning and development, both of  which provide CPD supporting information for appraisal and re-validation purposes.

Our client list includes:

  • Betsi Cadwaldr University Health Board
  • Glan Clwyd Hospital
  • Wrexham Maelor Hospital
  • Severn Deanery
  • Wales Deanery

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