Primary Colours Leadership

Primary Colours Toolkit LogoPrimary Colours® Model of Leadership has been developed over 25 years of research and refinement. Primary Colours® makes sense of the factors that cause managers and professionals to succeed as leaders.

Most fundamentally, Primary Colours® provides you with a common language for people and organisational development processes. The appeal of the model is its powerful simplicity. If your organisation already has a competency model or qualities framework that describes the required tasks and behaviours of the management group, Primary Colours® will map on to it. This enables analysis and evaluation, allowing you to judge the comparative strength of different leadership and management teams.

The Primary Colours® Toolkit includes the three Primary Colours® in Practice reports: The Key Findings Report; the NEO PI-R; and the Primary Colours® 360 report. Combining the measurement rigour of the best-in-class NEO PI-R personality measure with the clarity and simplicity of the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership creates a clear, simple narrative report on an individual’s leadership capability. The Primary Colours® 360 feedback tool provides clear comprehensive feedback and detailed analysis from the perspective of colleagues on an individual’s leadership behaviour. The Key Findings Report brings together summary data from both the Primary Colours® 360 and the NEO Primary Colours® Leadership Report to populate the ‘Strengths Matrix’. Based on key findings from behaviour and personality assessment, the matrix classifies leadership tasks in terms of whether they are natural strengths, potential strengths, fragile strengths or resistant limitations. This provides essential information for planning leadership development, indicating where investment of effort and resources are likely to deliver the greatest return.

We measure the ability of individuals under 8 domains within the model so that we can discover what comes easily to them (strengths); what they can learn and improve, but may never master (development needs); and what they will always find difficult (dependencies). In this way we explode the myth that all deficiencies are development opportunities. They are not – but some are and it is important to be able to tell the difference.

The Primary Colours Leadership Development Programme integrates the Primary Colours® Toolkit with practical activities to explore the impact of individual’s strengths, development needs and dependencies on them, the team in which they work, and ultimately on the business.

The Primary Colours Leadership Development Programme is guaranteed to produce better leadership for your organisation. It has been built up over a period of time, bringing together specific elements proven to address the tasks and challenges faced by leaders in a wide range of businesses. The programme is a highly effective process, producing tangible results that will make a difference you can see, and results you can measure, in your organisation.

The Challenges: Grow > Change > Succeed.

As organisations grow, people at all levels need to adapt and change the way they work together. Senior leaders can often feel that they bear the brunt of change, handling the constant demands of a growing business. Their time, which they need to lead the business to the next stage of success, is consumed in dealing with crises, resolving conflicts and taking control of the detail of problems that could be better handled lower down in the organisation. Their highly pressured days are filled with seemingly endless internal meetings, leaving almost no time to drive the business forwards towards success.

The challenges are to:

  • Create greater self-sufficiency in the teams working throughout the organisation.
  • Find ways for teams and their leaders to take ownership of problems and solve them.
  • Build teams that understand the senior leader’s objectives and growth strategy.
  • Work with teams that know what they can deal with and what they can’t.
  • Create a business that can grow, change and succeed.

In every case we have seen, that means developing better leadership throughout the organisation.

Better leadership means people understand, and are committed to, the growth strategy of the business. They can see and relate to the significance of the vision for the organisation, and use it to improve their business focus. Better leadership means changing to improve the quality of communication between the teams and also within them, and between different parts of the business, and between the business and customers and suppliers. Improved communication will open up new opportunities for innovation and success across the business.

The Primary Colours Leadership Development Programme is centred on a number of intensive workshops for key leaders in your business, concentrated on building up their leadership skills by working together in highly practical ways. This will provide the catalyst to trigger the deep changes needed to tackle the issues and challenges that confront your organisation.  These highly focussed workshops are part of an extended and integrated programme that we will develop with you to guarantee delivering the results that will help your organisation to grow, change and succeed.

So please click here to request a programme overview that explains the main elements of the Primary Colours Leadership Development Programme in more detail.