NHS Leadership Testimonials

Below are just a few of the many comments we have receive from satisfied Doctors on our NHS Leadership courses:

Comments from Senior Doctors. 

“Valuable insights into roles and working relationships.”
Debesh Mukherjee, Deputy DME, Consultant Physician/Geriatrician, GWH

“Good fun, good training, experiential learning ‘fleshed out’ the theory.”
Michael O’Connor, Associate Dean, Severn Deanery

“Good, insightful, useful, enjoyable.”
Deepak Gupta, DME Surgery GWH Swindon

“Excellent. Practical sessions definitely added value.”
Stephen Eastaugh-Waring, Clinical Director, MSK, NBT

“Given personal insight into my own managerial and leadership styles. Insight into separating managerial and leadership behaviours.”
Gavin Stoddart, Head of School of Radiology, Severn Deanery.

Helen Rayner, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Oxford Health

“Great fun!  A practical yet thoughtful approach to learning about leadership.”
Andrew Lux, Consultant in Paediatric Neurology, Severn Deanery

“Fun, instructive, engaging and interactive.”
Kate Horn, Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, Severn Deanery

“Interactive – activities very valuable, made everything feel much less abstract.”
Julia Maltby, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Severn Deanery

“Clear, thought provoking, informative.”
Dr Pedro Perez, Consultant Psychiatrist, Severn Deanery

“Excellent in every respect.  A very valuable day.  The ‘tasks’ were very helpful indeed.  Many thanks.”
John Prior, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Severn Deanery

“Excellent programme, thank you.”
A. Azzu, Consultant, Bangor Hospital.

“Very good, friendly, thought provoking.”
Khalid Malik, Sp. Doctor, BCUHB

“One of the best management training days I have been on for a long time.”
R.B. Hospital Consultant

“The reason I am writing to you is that I was very impressed by your ability to listen actively…”
K.B. Clinical Director

“Ed Sups can be made aware of their own leadership skills and developing those of their trainees by this day.  Very good.”
J. Rooney, Associate Dental Dean

“A useful introduction to the MLCF which can be incorporated into trainee supervision and one’s own practice.”
Marie Wheeler, Consultant Paediatrician

“Very useful.  It made me reflect on my ways of leading my team.”
C. Soare, Consultant, ED.

“Fun.  Enjoyed working with colleagues from other specialities.”
Dr Holly Hardy, APD, School of Primary Care, Severn Deanery

“Excellent.  It has helped both in my personal development and development of others.  Concrete constructive ideas for approaching trainees who may not have appropriate personal skills.”
Judith Stedeford, Consultant Anaesthetist

“I learned lots. It was fun and enjoyable!”
Dr A. Berger, Senior Partner, Randloph Surgery, London.

And some comments from junior, SAS and trainee doctors…

“Excellent. Really enjoyed the day. Learned lots! Thank you.”
Dr Becky Maxwell, ST6 EM, Bristol Royal Infirmary

“Interesting, thoughtful. Good practical exercises with feedback.”
K. Boregowda, SpR in Diabetics and Endocrinology, Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli

“Varied, interesting. Practical exercises were very useful.”
R. Reilly, Specialty Registrar, Public Health Wales

“Very positive, enjoyable learning experience.”
Sobian Arshed, CT2, Ysbyty Gwyned

“It was a great insight into my personal leadership qualities and skills.”
Anthony Hemerson, Paediatric Registrar, Wales Deanery

“Very good course which will help in practical world”
Sunhail Hussain, SpR COTE, Glan Clwyd Hospital

“Excellent. A real eye opener.”
S. Jones SpR Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital

“Excellent course! Very helpful and informative. I will definitely recommend to all my colleagues.”
S. Amar ST5 Anaesthetics, Wrexham Hospital

“Good practical teaching sessions.”
K. Sajjad, SpR, YGC

“Very useful and enjoyable.”
Gordon Black, SpR Geriatrics, BCUHB

“Excellent, entertaining and very beneficial.”
Saurabh Shandilya, ST5, BCUHB

“An excellent course. Very useful and relevant clinical exercises. Focussed on key leadership skills which can be used in everyday practice.”
Oliver Hobman, SpR, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Glan Clwyd Hospital

“Excellent, interactive and very informative. The tasks are very appropriate to highlight points.”
S Sinha SpR Radiology BCUHB

“Solid course. A critical approach to leadership theory and skills. Very practical approach.”
Oliver Blocker ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedics BCUHB

“Very good, nice teaching experience.”
K. Tofeec, Doctor, Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital

“Very useful and a must before stepping into consultancy role.”
Sami Khan, ST6 in Paediatrics, Wrexham Maelor Hospital, BCUHB NHS Trust

“I really enjoyed the day. The facilitators were approachable – made me and the other clinicians relax so we could all take part in “mock’ leadership scenarios. Useful course for registrars. Location and catering fantastic.”
Gemma Lewis, SpR Palliative Medicine, BCUHB

“A fun and thought provoking event which really helps to build confidence in team leadership.”
Annabel Teague, SpR Orthodontics, BCUHB NHS Trust

“Useful and stimulating thinking into own leadership from other’s perspective.”
Dr N. Hamandi, Senior Registrar Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ysbyty Gwynedd NHS

“A fun way to develop leadership skills.”
Dr Helen Fowles, ST4 Respiratory Medicine, BCUHB

“Interesting, thought provoking, hands on experience. The event was well conducted and enjoyable.”
Neema Thimmaiah, Staff Grade Psychiatry, Betsi Cadwaldr UHB