Doctors who demonstrate leadership are vital to NHS

Cambridge, 2 September, 2014

Amid ongoing controversy surrounding the future of the NHS, The Leadership Business launches a new training course to equip doctors with better leadership skills to help them deliver better patient care and look after the nation’s health.

Today’s NHS values leadership. Increasingly recognised as essential for delivering good clinical care, achieving service quality improvements and maintaining better patient outcomes, leadership is the lesson on everyone’s lips when it comes to improving our NHS. Freshly qualified doctors need to build up their clinical skills in order to lead their clinical teams, but to really progress, they also need to be able to demonstrate clearly that they are leading in practice. Raising awareness of patients’ rights and expectations was highlighted by Anna Bradley chair of Healthwatch as crucial to the development of the NHS, in a discussion about using the term ‘consumer’ to review NHS experience.

Based on The Francis Report, released in 2013, where some 352 witnesses gave statements about severe cases of negligence within the NHS, the reformation framework for a more patient centred NHS started to take shape. The Healthcare Leadership Model was created, sharply stating that findings in the Francis Report “emphasise[s] the role of leadership in prioritising patient safety and in listening to and learning from patients.”

The Leadership Business has responded by creating the Demonstrating Clinical Leadership Skills course. Specifically designed to help Registrars to deliver outstanding patient care by developing better leadership skills to get the best out of their teams, and demonstrate these capabilities to their Educational Supervisors. The course is designed as a short, hands-on one day practical course. Developed and tested in Wales, this new course has received excellent feedback.

The Demonstrating Clinical Leadership course is running throughout the UK in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Bangor in November 2014. Mike Udin, CEO of The Leadership Business commented “We have been helping senior and junior doctors to improve their clinical leadership for more than 14 years, and have seen a growing concern amongst Registrars to be able to prove that they are effective leaders.”


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