The Leadership Business accredited to provide Primary Colours® Leadership training

Primary Colours Toolkit Logo17 February, CAMBRIDGE, UK — The Leadership Business has been accredited to offer Primary Colours® in Practice, a comprehensive package for leadership assessment and development planning to help organisations maximise their investment in leaders. This prestigious accreditation means that the Leadership Business is one of a small number of companies qualified to deliver leadership courses using Primary Colours® in Practice as an integral component.

Effective leadership involves a combination of personality traits and behaviour, with traits shaping behaviour. The traits and behaviour of a leader affect employee engagement and performance.

Primary Colours® in Practice, part of the Primary Colours® Toolkit, helps leaders find answers fundamental questions including: how they are doing as a leader; to what extent their personality is compatible with the development of competence in each of the tasks of leadership; and where they should focus their personal development.

Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, commented “The Primary Colours® model is extremely useful as it has a powerful simplicity that leaders can readily understand, remember and act on. We are looking forward to expanding the range of leadership training we offer using the very high quality resources of Primary Colours® in Practice.”

Primary Colours® in Practice was developed by Edgecumbe Consulting and is based on the Primary Colours® Leadership model which is used at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and consists of three reports. The NEO Primary Colours Leadership Report combines the measurement rigour of the best-in-class NEO PI-R personality measure and with the clarity and simplicity of the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership to create a clear, simple narrative report on an individual’s leadership capability. The Primary Colours® 360 feedback tool provides clear comprehensive feedback and detailed analysis from the perspective of colleagues on an individual’s leadership behaviour. The Key Findings Report brings together summary data from both the Primary Colours® 360 and the NEO Primary Colours® Leadership Report to populate the ‘Strengths Matrix’. Based on key findings from behaviour and personality assessment, the matrix classifies leadership tasks in terms of whether they are natural strengths, potential strengths, fragile strengths or resistant limitations. This provides essential information for planning development indicating where investment of effort and resources are likely to have the greatest return.



About the Leadership Business

Established in 1987, The Leadership Business Ltd. is an experienced, customer-focused, success driven, training provider delivering bespoke leadership, management, communication and team development programmes across the UK and Europe. Built on the belief that Leadership is at the heart of every business success, they are accredited to offer a wide range of leadership training courses, including the new “Primary Colours® Leadership Development Programme”.


The Leadership Business works closely with their customers, to understand fully their unique business needs and create outstanding and innovative training solutions that really work, with a successful 28 year track record of brilliant feedback and excellent references.


Their four main areas of expertise are

  • strategic, operational, interpersonal and team leadership capability,
  • people, performance and management competence,
  • team building and team development processes,
  • motivation, coaching and communication skills.


Primary Colours® is a registered trademark of Edgecumbe Consulting Group.