About us

Who we are:

Established in 1987, The Leadership Business Ltd. is an experienced, customer-focused, success driven, training provider delivering leadership, management and team development programmes across the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers, to understand fully their unique business needs.  We then create outstanding and innovative training solutions that really work – and we have more than 30 years experience, an outstandingly successful track record and excellent feedback and references to prove it.

What we do:

When you work with us, our success together will be based on analysing and thoroughly understanding your organisational values, priorities and learning needs.

We’ll align your values, priorities and needs with our expertise, knowledge and experience, coupled with the latest and most relevant research, to suggest a solution for you.  We will then develop and deliver an outstanding learning programme designed specifically for your situation, which will address your business critical values, priorities and needs and deliver the results you and we have agreed.

We will constantly support you, and help you to identify ways to evaluate and measure the impact on your business.  We are proud of what we do, and our customers constantly tell us we provide excellent service which develops into long lasting and sustainable business relationships.

How we work with you:

Detailed: We’ll listen carefully to understand and analyse your successes, challenges, priorities and needs.

Aligned: Together we’ll match your situation with our expertise, knowledge and experience to create a brilliant synergy that works.

Practical: Our bespoke, pragmatic solutions will integrate seamlessly into your business systems and processes, match your corporate strategies and values, and address your business critical priorities and needs.

Transparent: You’ll know exactly what you are getting, how it will be delivered, and how it will achieve clearly agreed results.

Guaranteed: You’ll have data driven measures to calculate and evaluate the impact of what we do, giving you a clear ROI and deliverable business improvements you can trust.

Our Values and Beliefs:

We believe that Leadership is at the heart of every business success.

We value working in partnership with our clients, building honest and open relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  We work with transparency.

We pride ourselves in creating outstanding and innovative leadership, management and team development programmes that really work.

Some of the theories we believe in and use:

  1. Andragogy (Knowles et al (2005))
  2. Positive Psychology (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi (2000))
  3. Appreciative Inquiry models of working (Cooperrider (2007))
  4. Cognitive Discovery Learning (Bruner (1967)
  5. Learning based on KSA and increasing personal awareness  (Rogers (1994); Huitt (2001) Humanism)
  6. Experiential Learning principles (Kolb et al (1984))
  7. Equality and diversity, and respect
  8. Continuous improvement and striving for excellence in all that we do
  9. We work to CIPD Professional Standards.