Building Brilliant Managers

Management development that works

This “Building Brilliant Managers” development programme will enable your new and existing managers to contribute more quickly and more effectively to the bottom line performance of your business.  We will work with you to identify your specific business needs, and focus on rapidly improving the productivity and quality of performance of your managers.  This Management Development Programme will make sure that your managers:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the principles of managing and driving performance and the confidence and skill to implement these principles to improve bottom line performance in your business.
  • Create a clearer understanding of the different roles of leadership and management and develop the different skills which both disciplines demand and the ability to apply their skills to lead and manage their people effectively.
  • Develop the skills to lead, manage and inspire their teams to become high performing, and to take responsibility for ensuring that their teams deliver outstanding results.
  • Understand and apply the basic principles of project management to plan and prioritise, delegate and follow critical paths to ensure consistent delivery of business critical outcomes.
  • Develop their ability to translate their learning into practical and measureable changes in behaviour back in their place of work.
  • Apply their learning to a specific work based project which will deliver tangible, measurable results and ROI for YOUR business.

This “Building Brilliant Managers” programme is designed to be ‘fun’ and not a threat to personal credibility, and so your people are generally more prepared to ‘be themselves’ and say what they really feel and openly discuss their day to day challenges.  The key to success then lies in the outstanding ability of those brilliantly facilitating the event to draw the parallels between your manager’s experiences on the course and their real experiences back at work.

Throughout this programme, we will set aside time to explore specific work related issues and where necessary the itinerary will be changed as the course progresses to accommodate those discussions and to find enduring solutions to resolve them.

Just call Jude now on +44 (0) 800 840 4122 to discuss how this “Building Brilliant Managers” programme can deliver brilliant results for your business.

Some people prefer to know more detail about the programme before making up their mind to go ahead.  If that’s you, please read on.

Building Brilliant Managers

Management development that works 

Suggested Key Topics to be Covered (this list is an example, and will be adapted and adjusted to make sure we meet YOUR business needs and priorities):

  • Managing Teams
    • Harnessing diversity in teams
    • Team roles and team skills
    • Developing a high performing team
    • The four stages of team development
    • Developing a flexible leadership style
    • The Situational Leadership model
  • Managing Performance
    • Coaching for performance
    • The use of personal development plans
    • Listening and appreciative inquiry
    • Goal setting; Giving and receiving feedback
    • Managing poor performance
    • Handling conflict
    • Setting performance improvement plans
  • Managing Projects
    • Setting and maintaining clear priorities
    • Negotiating properly resourced objectives
    • Using milestone planning and delegation to manage delivery
    • Prioritising activities and developing an awareness of critical path analysis
  • Managing Change
    • The nature of change and our response to this process
    • Providing leadership through change
    • Being a role model and an ambassador for change

If that sounds right to you, please call Jude now on +44 (0) 800 840 4122 to arrange for one of our consultants to meet and discuss with you how the “Building Brilliant Managers” programme can deliver brilliant results for your business.

Some people like to see an example programme before they decide to book a pilot course.  If that’s you, excellent!  Please read on.

Building Brilliant Managers

Management development that works

Example Programme: (Some details may be changed to meet YOUR specific business needs and priorities). 

Phase 1:

Three Day Programme


Day One            Managing & Leading Teams (Exercises)

  Team Leadership and Team Development

  The Power of Communication (Exercise)


Day Two            Managing Performance (Exercise)

  Communication Skills

  Feedback and Appreciative Inquiry

  Goal Setting to drive performance (Exercise)

  Performance improvement plans


Day Three          Managing Projects (Exercise)

  Building Relationships Across Teams

  Business Related Project

  Managing Change

Phase 2:

One Day Programme 

Day Four           Business Project Teams report back

  Your ROI – measuring what has been achieved

  Calculating what has been added back into your business

If this is the programme for you, please call Jude now on +44 (0) 800 840 4122 to discuss how this “Building Brilliant Managers” programme can deliver brilliant results for your business.