New programme to develop better team leaders and increase employee engagement

2 June 2015, CAMBRIDGE, UK — The Leadership Business today launches a new programme for commercial team leaders and clinical team leaders to develop their leadership skills. The programme includes six days of intensive engagement spread over 3 to 6 months in a complete development package, which will produce more effective team leaders and increased levels of employee engagement.

Adair-Team-Leader-Level-2015The programme starts with a needs analysis and feedback so that the learning is planned, supported and grounded in the needs of the organisation. Following meetings with team leaders and line managers to build engagement, the programme moves on to a bespoke development course to introduce Action Centred Leadership (ACL) with practical opportunities for learning about what works, why and how. This involves ongoing learning reviews coupled with action plans to translate key learning into specific actions back in the workplace. These contribute directly to changing job plans and increase productivity and engagement. The programme them moves on to specific projects, coaching and review meetings to consolidate learning, recognise effort as well as results and increase engagement. It concludes with a report of the return on investment (ROI) of the programme in a way that matches the requirements of the organisation.

Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, commented “Team leaders play a vital role at all levels in organisations. Developing their leadership skills makes a proven and significant difference to the productivity and engagement of people in the organisations in which they work.”

The new programme is based on Action Centred Leadership™ or ACL® which has been developed by John Adair to become one of the best known leadership models in the world. Organisations worldwide use it to develop their leadership capability and management skills because it is both practical and highly effective. In all organisations better team leaders, increased employee engagement and better productivity, quickly and easily saving time and money. A key part of the package is defining and then measuring the overall return on investment (ROI) for the programme for the organisation.


Mike Udin

Managing Director
The Leadership Business
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About the Leadership Business

Established in 1987, The Leadership Business Ltd. is an experienced, customer-focused, success driven, training provider delivering bespoke leadership, management, communication and team development programmes across the UK and Europe. Built on the belief that Leadership is at the heart of every business success, they are accredited to offer Action Centred Leadership as well as a wide range of leadership assessment and training courses.

The Leadership Business works closely with their customers, to understand fully their unique business needs and create outstanding and innovative training solutions that really work, with a successful 28 year track record of brilliant feedback and excellent references.

Their four main areas of expertise are

  • strategic, operational, interpersonal and team leadership capability,
  • people, performance and management competence,
  • team building and team development processes,
  • motivation, coaching and communication skills.

ACL® is a registered trademark of Adair International Ltd.