The Primary Colours Leadership Programme

Primary Colours Toolkit LogoDo you need better leadership in your business?

Better leadership means people understand and actively pursue the growth strategy of your business. They understand the significance of the organisational vision and use it to improve their business focus. Better leadership means improving the quality of communication within and between teams. Better leadership will open up new opportunities for innovation, engagement and co-operation across the business.

The Primary Colours Leadership Programme

The Primary Colours Leadership Programme develops better senior leaders. It uses Primary Colours® in Practice (PCiP®), part of the Primary Colours® Toolkit, to help leaders find answers fundamental questions including: how they are doing as a leader; to what extent their personality is compatible with the development of competence in each of the tasks of leadership; and where they should focus their personal development.

PCiP® consists of an integrated package of three reports.

  1. The NEO Primary Colours Leadership Report combines the measurement rigour of the best-in-class NEO PI-R personality measure and with the clarity and simplicity of the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership to create a clear, simple narrative report on an individual’s leadership capability.
  2. The Primary Colours® 360 feedback tool provides clear comprehensive feedback and detailed analysis from the perspective of colleagues on an individual’s leadership behaviour.
  3. The Key Findings Report brings together summary data from both the Primary Colours® 360 and the NEO Primary Colours® Leadership Report to populate the ‘Strengths Matrix’. Based on key findings from behaviour and personality assessment, the matrix classifies leadership tasks in terms of whether they are natural strengths, potential strengths, fragile strengths or resistant limitations. This provides essential information for planning leadership development indicating where investment of effort and resources are likely to have the greatest return.

The Primary Colours Leadership Programme then takes the findings from PCiP® and uses them as the basis of a bespoke design, bringing together specific elements from your leader’s collective Strengths Matrices. It concentrates on developing the specific leadership skills your people really need to tackle your business challenges.

The Programme uses practical, experience based learning with real-time activities supported by learning reviews, personal feedback and learning logs. Learning is consolidated and applied using specific action plans and development projects. This means that your participants don’t just learn new theory, they are able to put it into practice in a supportive environment where they can safely make mistakes and learn from them. That means that when they complete this programme they are ready and able to apply their learning back in the workplace with confidence, knowing exactly what works, why and how. Participants will generate a final report on their achievements providing evidence of ROI.

What is the Primary Colours Leadership Programme about?

It’s about Leadership because leadership is the Captain of the Ship, setting the direction of travel and making sure you get to your ultimate destination – business success. It is complimentary to and different from management. Your participants will learn to identify the crucial differences between leadership and management and the different focus and skills that each require of them.

It’s about Knowledge and Skills because skills are always the application of knowledge. It is not enough for leaders simply to know what leadership is, they also have to be able to do it, to apply that knowledge. More than that, they need to understand why what they do works. They will learn the knowledge, skills and understanding of leadership which come from practice over time and be able to apply it back at work immediately.

It’s about Development because development is a progression from one state to another. Development should follow a sequence where one stage builds on the foundations of the previous stage. Your participants will learn about themselves from PCiP® and learn about applied leadership by progressing from the simple to the complex, from the general to the specific, from the familiar to more challenging leadership experiences – a proven way for them to learn effectively and thoroughly.

It’s a Programme because a programme is a series of complimentary activities which collectively lead to a pre determined outcome. Your bespoke programme will take your participants through a series of preparatory steps, followed by exposure to learning based upon experiences, and supported by consolidation of their learning. They will be provided with systems of support to enable them to apply their learning back in the work place to achieve measurable outcomes for your business.

Can you prove it works?

Yes we can. We have been working successfully in this area for over 20 years delivering innovative leadership, management and team development programmes for all sorts of clients. This new programme has been developed from proven components that have each already delivered outstanding results.

“Feedback from both projects was impressively good.” Gareth Williams, Arieso.

What is my next step?

Every business is different and your issues will be unique to your organisation. The first step in addressing them is to arrange a no obligation initial diagnostic meeting to discuss your specific needs and priorities. This will help us both to identify where you are now and what your next steps might be. There is no obligation or cost on your part because there’s no commitment on either side until you and we decide if the programme we design for you is right for you.

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