New book helps doctors and healthcare professionals improve their reflective practice

Reflective-Practice-Workbook-shadow-200x28414 September 2015, CAMBRIDGE, UK – Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, has published the “Reflective Practice Workbook” which is designed to help doctors and other healthcare professionals develop their skills in reflecting and so develop insights to improve their performance.

There is now a clear requirement from the GMC and NCAS for doctors and other healthcare professionals to reflect meaningfully and regularly on their performance and standards of practice, but many find this challenging in practice. The workbook explains what reflective practice is, how to do it quickly and effectively, why doctors and other healthcare professionals should bother to reflect and how reflection leads to greater insight. It includes clear, structured templates to follow which will enhance their ability to reflect.

Mike commented “Finding time to reflect amidst the increasing pressures and conflicting demands of modern clinical life can be extremely challenging. This workbook provides proven methods to help doctors and healthcare professionals quickly become more reflective.

The Leadership Business also offers an intensive Reflective Practice masterclass which accelerates the development of reflective practice.


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