Business Leadership

Our courses are designed to build on and further develop business leadership capability at all levels in your organisation. We target the specific needs of top team and senior leaders, middle leaders and managers, first line managers, supervisors and team leaders. We also offer specialist skill development programmes aimed at the needs of professional and technical specialists, and trainers. We are committed to improving the design and content to all our offerings to produce bespoke courses and programmes to meet our client’s unique, specific needs.

Whatever you need, we will work closely with you to create and design, deliver and evaluate a leadership, management or team development programme that will give you outstanding value and the measurable results you need and deserve.

We can show you concrete examples of how our courses work in the real world, and deliver stunning results – results which are just waiting for you right now. Have a look at our clients and read testimonials to see what others have said about our work. With our outstanding 28 year track record, excellent references and proven results, you have nothing to lose and only success to gain.

Organisational Diagnostics SessionBusiness Leadership: Organisational Diagnostics Session

Often one of the best places to start is with our free, in-depth half day Organisational Diagnostic session. This will help to identify how your organisational mission, vision and values translate into the desired behaviours of your team leaders and their teams.

Diagnostics for Top Team and Senior Leaders.

Leadership Team Impact Report

NEO Primary Colours Leadership Report.

Primary Colours 360.

Coming Soon: We will also offer Engaging Manager 180, Employee Engagement Surveys and Customer Experience Surveys.

Programmes and Courses for Top Team and Senior Leaders.

Primary Colours Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Operational Leadership

Senior High Performing Team Leadership

Courses for Middle Leaders and Department Managers.

Primary Colours Leadership

Operational Leadership

High Performing Teams

Courses for First Line Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

High Performing Teams

Practical Team Leadership

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Courses for Managers and Supervisors

While great leaders can drive forward the organisations they are responsible for, good management skills are also important to ensure effective business operation. We offer a wide range of courses to address specific people management needs. We tailor them to your specific needs and circumstances so please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation discussion of what you need and how it will help you. As a guide, previous titles we have offered to clients include:

  • Building Brilliant Managers
  • Introduction to Management
  • Managing Assertively
  • Handling People Problems
  • Selection Interviewing
  • Staff Appraisal and Assessment Techniques
  • Managing Poor Performance and Sickness Absence
  • The Manager as Coach
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Making Meetings Better
  • Finance for Non-financial Manager

Courses for Technical Specialists

These courses are designed to address a specific technical skills.

  • Assertiveness at Work
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • Mind Mapping Skills and Techniques
  • Introduction to the MER® Lens
  • The MER® Lens at Work
  • The MER® Lens and Managing Conflicting Values

Training for Trainers

We offer a range of practical courses for trainers to help build on their professional knowledge. Our experience tells us that it can improve take-up and quickly gain experience and to become effective.

  • Introduction to Training and Presentation Skills
  • Designing for Adult Learning
  • Managing Participative Learning
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Managing Training Teams
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Designing for Learning and Evaluating Return on Investment

To find out more about any of our courses, or for a no obligation discussion of what you specifically need, please get in touch by calling +44 (0) 7 989 951 194, email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.