10 things all doctors should reflect on

10 Things all doctors should reflect on

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The GMC have emphasised the need for increased reflection as part of the significant changes they have made to the process and structure of appraisal and revalidation. Their expectation that all doctors will reflect on their practice has been well documented. For example, in the GMC document “Leadership and management for all doctors” there is an unambiguous statement of the need for all doctors to reflect.

“You should regularly reflect on your own performance, your professional values and your contribution to any teams in which you work.”

To help you put this advice into practice we have produced a Leadership Skills Guide – 10 things all doctors should reflect on.  This highlights what the GMC suggest are the 10 most important areas of your practice for you to reflect on, and gives you ideas and suggestions about what particular aspects of your practice you might focus on.

From all of this analysis you can plan what you should stop doing, start doing, continue doing or change to improve. The purpose of all this reflection is that it will give you insight which will lead to learning which you can apply to your practice. Reflection will ultimately tell you what will maintain the standards of your practice, and what will improve it.

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