The Leadership Business expertise recognised with Adair Strategic Leadership Level Accreditation

8 December 2014, CAMBRIDGE, UK — Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, has been awarded Strategic Leadership Level for Adair Accredited ACL Trainers by Adair International. This is the highest level accreditation for trainers using John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ and means that Mike is now part of an elite group of only 8 trainers in the UK qualified to deliver training at this level.

The Strategic Leadership qualification means that The Leadership Business is now accredited to offer a comprehensive range of Strategic, Operational and Team Level Leadership Training to businesses throughout the UK and Europe. It recognises Mike’s experience and his expertise to help organisations use Action Centred Leadership to develop their leadership capability and management skills at the highest level. Developed by John Adair, Action Centred Leadership is one of the best known leadership models in the world, and is both practical and highly effective.

Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, commented “Strategic leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today and Action Centred Leadership is an extremely effective approach that can make a real difference. This award recognises the capability we have built up over many years to develop effective leadership throughout organisations and we are looking forward to offering accredited Adair Strategic Leadership courses in 2015”


Mike Udin Awarded Adair Strategic Accreditation

Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, is presented with Strategic Leadership Level Accreditation by Steve Read, Managing Director of Adair International.


Mike Udin

Managing Director
The Leadership Business
Sumpter House, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LQ

Tel: +44 (0) 800 840 4122
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About the Leadership Business

Established in 1987, The Leadership Business Ltd. is an experienced, customer-focused, success driven, training provider delivering leadership, management, and team development programmes across the UK and Europe. Built on the belief that Leadership is at the heart of every business success, they are accredited to offer a wide range of leadership training courses, including Strategic Leadership, Operational Leadership and Team Leadership courses delivered by Adair International Accredited Trainers.

The Leadership Business works closely with their customers, to understand fully their unique business needs and create outstanding and innovative training solutions that really work, with a successful track record of brilliant feedback and excellent references.

Their four main areas of expertise are

  • strategic, operational and team leadership capability,
  • people, performance and management competence,
  • team building and team development processes,
  • motivation, coaching and communication skills.