New book helps doctors and healthcare professionals improve their reflective practice

14 September 2015, CAMBRIDGE, UK – Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, has published the “Reflective Practice Workbook” which is designed to help doctors and other healthcare professionals develop their skills in reflecting and so develop insights to improve their performance. There is now a clear requirement from the GMC and NCAS for […]


Do you trust your team?

Trust is the glue that holds any relationship together. In a team, one of the core functional questions between people is “Do I trust you?”. Put simply, if you are my enemy I do not trust you. If you are a stranger I do not trust you (yet). If you are an ally I trust you […]

Training Steps

9 Steps to Stop Wasting Money on Training Courses

Training is expensive, but then, so is ignorance. Some people think face to face training courses are a waste of time and money, and if that’s their experience, they are probably right! Here’s how face to face training wastes money. People are sent on expensive training courses, come back to work and can’t see the relevance to what […]

How to Benefit from the Six Drivers of Engagement

Autonomy – As an effective leader you will want to create a sense of autonomy that gives your people the feeling that they have your trust and permission to deliver their best work for the organization. You want them to be involved in setting their own targets, deciding their own stretch and planning their own […]

Primary Colours Toolkit

The Leadership Business accredited to provide Primary Colours® Leadership training

17 February, CAMBRIDGE, UK — The Leadership Business has been accredited to offer Primary Colours® in Practice, a comprehensive package for leadership assessment and development planning to help organisations maximise their investment in leaders. This prestigious accreditation means that the Leadership Business is one of a small number of companies qualified to deliver leadership courses […]

Mike Udin Awarded Adair Strategic Accreditation

The Leadership Business expertise recognised with Adair Strategic Leadership Level Accreditation

8 December 2014, CAMBRIDGE, UK — Mike Udin, Managing Director of The Leadership Business, has been awarded Strategic Leadership Level for Adair Accredited ACL Trainers by Adair International. This is the highest level accreditation for trainers using John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ and means that Mike is now part of an elite group of only […]


Doctors who demonstrate leadership are vital to NHS

Cambridge, 2 September, 2014 Amid ongoing controversy surrounding the future of the NHS, The Leadership Business launches a new training course to equip doctors with better leadership skills to help them deliver better patient care and look after the nation’s health. Today’s NHS values leadership. Increasingly recognised as essential for delivering good clinical care, achieving […]